Monday, December 20, 2010

Project Summary - How to install an Internal Wireless Card

My project was on how to install an internal wireless card into a laptop.  I chose to do my project on this because I've had to replace them in the past before, and a lot of people just think its built right into the motherboard(some are though).  An internal wireless card is actually very easy to install by yourself.  People who follow this training module will be able to install the card, get the drivers and have it working with in 2 hours at most.  This module will also help less experienced people get to see what the internals of a laptop look like and semi-how it works.  The links to the files are stored on an external mirror(rapidshare) and are available at anytime(please notify me if they go down).  Any comments or suggestions from my followers would be appreciated.

PowerPoint Presentation 
Quiz with Answers 
Training Module 

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